The release of Dota’s 6.82 patch cheapens current competitions


An important aspect of being a business professional in the sport industry is ensuring that nothing cheapens the competition. This is vital if you want to keep integrity within the sport. In the big four professional sports there is always a … Continue reading

Removing the Cobwebs: My view on the esports industry and my plans


I’ve included links to jump to sections in this long post. Thanks for reading! 1. Where I’ve Been 2. My View on the State of the Industry 3. What Are My Plans? I feel like I should come into this … Continue reading

eSports should look to be more locally focused


I was reading a post on the website,  Sport Marketing & PR Roundup by Joe Favorito, the other day and he was talking about how big sport organizations focus on bringing everyone to New York to gain media attention. The … Continue reading

Creating a successful subscription package


“Subscribe to our stream and get the highest quality and no ads!” People go flocking to those type of features! Right? Yeah, probably not or it sure doesn’t seem that way. Take for instance the IGN Pro League and … Continue reading

Escalators and baggage returns: Are eSports professionals engaging consumers?

This week I want to revisit two concepts that I wrote about a year and a half ago: The escalator concept and the baggage return concept. A lot has changed since I wrote about these two concepts and I believe … Continue reading